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Home services is big, like $600 Billion big. And it’s only getting bigger.

The interesting thing is that everyone from Millennial’s to Baby Boomers are outsourcing more projects around the home. At the same time,  the home service category is really hard to get eclipsed by some massive online retailer named after a river. In short, it’s an ideal growth area.

So what’s the big idea?

Well, it’s about taking this fragmented category and building a company within it that is centralized where it should be and decentralized where it needs to be. In this way, one company could benefit from a single accounting team or a centralized marketing team vs. going it alone.

At Happinest, these centralized functions are our core strengths. This is where we shine. The amazing thing is that in a franchise model like this, things like quality, value and trust all float to the top for one really compelling reason – local ownership.

The big idea is Happinest, and it’s about building a partnership with like-minded brands, making the American dream real for franchisees and giving customers a trusted resource to turn to for all of their home service needs. Sharing resources all under one umbrella but allowing partner brands the room to keep their unique brand identity. Think of it as the Avengers of franchising.

What’s the future look like?

Very few franchise businesses make it past the emerging phase. In fact, just 5% make it to 100 units.  We can tell you with over 800 units to our name, we believe having a partner that’s been there can be a game changer.

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